Between the-all out worship, pagan-style, of what is hailed as the “only way to do science”, and the aggressive push of the 20th century’s early decades to cram the social sciences into physical-science’s methods (for the purpose of lending absolute political authority to the West’s “expert class”), aaand the shoving of every single human on the continent through academia, a system more appropriately reserved for society’s most nerdy,…

Unless something soon gives, it seems economics might dumb itself out of any regard.

But there are those of us, many of us, dedicated to preventing this.

This blog is my effort at accumulating some of the best scholarly rejoinders, including my own occasional rants, to the positivist hijacking of what were once perfectly respectable branches of ethical philosophy: business management, finance, and not least, our beloved economics.

(“…how can you say it isn’t possible unless you’ve tried!?)


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